4 Little Know Facts About Massage

Between new research, old wives' tales, and a little old-fashioned word of mouth, we're all over the map when it comes to figuring out the benefits of massage. Still, as more research comes in, it's becoming clear that for many of us, massage is no laughing matter.

Massages are not only relaxing, but they also have proven mental and physical health advantages. According to the latest studies massage reduces stress levels and helps quieten one’s mind. One of the best things about massages is that they can be incorporated into your daily routine without any difficulty in finding the time.

There are still a few things people might find surprising about massage, though. Below are four of them.

1. Massage isn't just for the rich people.

Perhaps that misconception comes from the fact that many luxury resorts do offer massages. However, massage has long been known to be much more than a luxury. From its humble beginnings in temples to modern sports medicine, massage continues to thrive as a natural cure for tired muscles. In fact, massage prevents pain and disease by stimulating blood flow, breaking down scar tissue, eliminating toxins, and calming the mind.

2. You are not required to remove your clothing.

Many people dread going to a massage therapist because they are uncomfortable with the concept of being naked. Massage does not require you to remove any clothing in order to get its benefits. Massage options are available at most places that allow you to be fully clothed and yet benefit from the program. Having a rough shirt seam massaged into a shoulder joint, on the other hand, isn't always pleasant. Therefore, options are also available for skin-to-skin full-body massages that don't require you to fully strip down. You are totally welcome to leave your undies on for any massage as the areas covered by them won't ever be worked on, especially from the front.

3. Massage can boost your immune system

Are you looking for ways to combat a cold or the flu this season? Getting a regular massage could give your immune system the boost it needs to get through this year healthy and sickness-free. Massages serve to improve circulation throughout the body. When this occurs, it promotes an increase in the activity of white blood cells, which are utilized to fight any virus or illness that it encounters. This increase in cells aids in the strengthening of your immune system as well as your cognitive abilities before, during, and after illness.

4. Improved sleep quality

Have you been having difficulties sleeping or are you suffering from insomnia? Massage can truly aid with deeper sleep. The amount of activity in the neurological system has everything to do with sleep. Because of the pressure involved in the treatment, your nervous system really slows down when you get a massage. Obtaining deeper, more restorative sleep lowers your levels of substance P (a pain neurotransmitter), which lessens overall discomfort. If you have any aches or pains, massage can help...and less pain can also help you sleep better. 

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